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Five common food safety mistakes that can ruin your summer cookout

by Ellie Krieger July 16It’s challenging for me to completely relax at a typical canada goose coats backyard cookout or pool party because I feel I have been endowed with a burdensome superpower: I see food safety blunders. As I scan the sunny scene of revelers in shorts and sundresses clinking glasses of ros and nibbling finger foods, the radar in my mind inevitably homes in on a hot spot. The host is basting steaks on the grill with the marinade the meat sat in for hours, so I guess I’ll be sticking with the vegetarian option.I tend to spy several such situations at any given outdoor event, and it’s not buy canada goose jacket just me being persnickety. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 48 million people in the United States get sick from food borne illness each year, and summertime is high season. While there are myriad causes canada goose coats on sale for these illnesses throughout the food supply chain, improper food handling at home is among them, and the one over which we have the most control. As you plan your next summer gathering, keep it truly healthy by taking note of these five common food safety mistakes and how to avoid them. However, consider yourself forewarned: After reading this, cheap canada goose Canada Goose Online you may become a keen food safety spotter yourself. To lift that weight from your shoulders and breathe easy at a summer shindig, pass this information on to everyone you know.Truly, this is a potato salad for allBasting with the marinadeA golden rule of food safety is not to let juices from raw meat, poultry or fish come in contact with ready to eat foods. Raw items may contain a multitude of disease causing bacteria, most of which are killed off through cooking. canada goose clearance sale If you baste with a used marinade, germs in it might not be cooked long enough, especially if you are basting when the food is nearly done. There are two ways to use a marinade safely as a basting liquid: When you initially prepare the marinade, reserve some in a separate container for basting, or, once you remove the raw food from Canada Goose online a marinade, you can put it into a saucepan on the stove and bring it to a boil. Because even a clean marinade comes in contact with undercooked meat via the brush when basting, avoid basting toward the end of cooking and toss out any leftover basting liquid.Guessing foods’ canada goose uk shop donenessThere is a relatively small window of temperatures at which meat, poultry and fish are cooked thoroughly enough to be safe to eat, but not so much that they are dry and tough. News flash: The commonly applied method of poking the food with a finger is not the best way to determine doneness (especially if that finger is on an unwashed hand, but more on that soon). The canadian goose jacket only way to be sure the temperature cheap canada goose uk is just right is to use a food thermometer. If you don’t have one, it is well worth the roughly $10 cost of an instant read thermometer. The Agriculture Department recommended safe minimum cooking temperatures are: 145 degrees for steaks and chops (with a three minute rest time), 160 degrees for ground meat, 160 degrees for poultry and 145 Canada Goose Jackets degrees for fish. That doesn’t mean you won’t ultimately opt to cook your steak medium rare (about 135 degrees) if that’s how you prefer it, canada goose uk outlet just like you might eat your eggs with the yolks runny despite government warning. But at least you will be doing it knowingly and without a dirty finger.Using the same tools for raw and cooked foodCooking food to the perfect temperature doesn’t do much good safety wise if you are transferring bacteria right back onto that food by using the same utensils and dishes you used for the raw Canada Goose Outlet ingredients. Think double when cooking out with two sets of tongs, spatulas and plates at the ready, one designated for raw, and another for cooked food. It’s even better if they are somewhat different canada goose uk black friday from each other handle color or brand so you can distinguish them.Touching canada goose store food with unwashed handsOne reason there is more food poisoning in the summer months is because more cooking and eating are done outside, away from running uk canada goose water, and therefore more likely with unwashed hands. If you are hosting a cookout or pool party, keep hand wipes and sanitizer (with a minimum of 60 percent alcohol) in easy reach of food prep areas. To minimize contamination from guests’ hands, have enough serving utensils (please put a spoon in that bowl of nuts and tongs in the chip bowl) and keep wipes and sanitizer out for them, too. Don’t think a dip in a pool, lake or ocean leaves you with clean hands. There are plenty of germs in those bodies of water that you wouldn’t Canada Goose Coats On Sale want to come in contact with buy canada goose jacket cheap food. So wash your hands before cooking or eating, even after swimming.Keeping food out too longLeaving food out for way more than a couple of hours at a time is the norm at backyard parties I’ve attended. It seems people have no clue about the potential hazards. Bacteria grows and thrives at temperatures between 40 and 140degrees, so food should not be in that temperature zone for more than two hours. If it’s more than 90 degrees outside, the limit canada goose black friday sale is one hour. It’s easy to let canada goose time slip away when you are entertaining, so set a timer when you put the food out to remind yourself of uk canada goose outlet when it needs to be refrigerated. If you have guests dropping by at various times throughout the day, consider staggering the dishes Canada Goose Parka you serve, putting some out at the start of the party, then replacing those with others later. If possible, keep cold food out on a bed of ice and warm food either on a side rack on the grill or in a 200 degree oven. Your guests will not only be better served canada goose clearance with canada goose factory sale a fresher tasting meal, they will be better off in the days to come as well.

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uk canada goose outlet Morningstar: 2018 Morningstar, Inc. Factset: FactSet Research Systems canada goose outlet seattle Inc.2018. Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. In this Tuesday, May 2, 2017 photo, Amira Hassan,of canada goose outlet toronto Burnsville, Minn., plays in the waiting room at the specialty clinic at Children’s Minnesota in Minneapolis, while her dad, Mohamud Hassan, fills out paperwork. The girl went to the hospital’s clinic for canada goose outlet toronto location a routine wellness check, but she and her father both had to wear a mask to protect them from measles after an outbreak has sickened more than 30 children in Minnesota. The masks are just one precaution that hospitals are taking to try to control the spread of the disease, which is predominantly affecting Minnesota’s Somali community.. uk canada goose outlet

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canadian goose jacket Food and recipe websites get over 1.5 billion visits year. Despite a boom in healthy eating, cookie recipes still hit the sweet canada goose outlet nyc spot. Banana bread canada goose outlet store quebec Nice try. This article looks at Magneto, the mutant who can control magnetic fields and forces. Canada Goose Outlet Everyone knows Magneto as one of the X Men’s most feared enemies. In another article of mine where I reviewed the very first issue of the Uncanny X Men, Magneto is known as a terrorist who attacked an army base near Cape Citadel before being defeated by the original X Men in the Marvel canada goose outlet online store review Universe canadian goose jacket.

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Leyva posted the top score during the first day of the national

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Yes, he leaks runs but he has pace and we’ve seen in this

The ‘do du jour sported by models, Madonna and other style priestesses comes from heroine Joan of Arc. It accompanies fashion’s latest fix with things religious. “The cut is a remodified version of the old shag,” notes Joseph Serrano of Carlton Hair in Crystal Court, Costa Mesa.

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“Certainly this threat demonstrates the need for a concerted

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canadian goose jacket TV Land actually owns the statue, which will return to Nicollet Mall once construction is done later canada goose outlet florida this year. WCCO TV resides just a few blocks away from the statue. News producer Joan Gilbertson says Mary deserves more credit for inspiring several women like herself to make their mark in a then male dominated industry.. canadian goose jacket

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canada goose It just depended on how I prepared the beets and how much I ate. A big bowl of beet soup had a bigger, uh, impact, than a bowl of chopped beets with greens. Either way, there’s no cause for panic. “Certainly this threat demonstrates the need for a concerted, co ordinated response among allies,” Mr. Warner said in a statement to The Globe. Presence government, corporate and citizen in Canada, and the vulnerabilities telecom equipment and infrastructure can present, should underscore that concern, as does China’s use of coercion, forced co operation and co option to acquire canada goose outlet in chicago sensitive technologies.” canada goose.

29 at 7 pm in the Merrickville Legion

une bonne transaction pour les deux

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